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Duane “Mike” Smith 

Groveland City Councilman, District 4

"Barbara will bring a new suite of experiences to the Groveland City Council. Her success within the public and private sectors and as a local small business have given her a broad range of knowledge and understanding that will expand the capabilities of the council as they address the future needs of the city."

Don Ward

State Director, CEO Clubs of Florida

Sean Burke

Co-Owner, Aspire investment Group

Renee Forbes Williams for Barbara Gaines

Dr. Renée Forbes-Williams, CPA

Associate Professor, Daytona State College

In recent years Groveland’s population has increase over 100%, making it one of the fastest growing places in Florida. It is significant, and in every citizen’s interest, that someone with Barbara’s vast background and dedication join the leadership of Groveland.  Barbara has the ability, desire, and leadership skills to be valuable to Groveland City Council: I speak with first-hand knowledge of this.


I met Barbara quite a few years ago as a small business owner in the Central Florida area.  Immediately, I noticed her compassion for the growth and development of small businesses. She has volunteered not only her time but her massive knowledge and support.  Her concern is not a political image, but it is doing what is best for everyone.  I know Barbara is capable of taking on issues in the community and staying steadfast in dealing with those issues.  As an educator and entrepreneur, it is a great pleasure to see Barbara use her extensive background to aid in her forward vision of Groveland.  

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