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My Why 2
I am extremely excited to announce my candidacy for re-election for District’s 3 Councilwoman for the City of Groveland and serve you all for 2022-2024! I have decided to seek re-election because during my time as a councilmember, constituents in District 3 appreciate my contributions to the Council. My passion drives me to ensure that the welfare of District 3 remains in the forefront.


OUR DISTRICT. OUR FUTURE. Public Service is what I do. I have dedicated my life to being a public servant and making a positive difference! I am an experienced servant who has worked at the federal, local, and community-based level. For over 38 years, I have collectively served Americans in combat for the Department of Defense, Americans fighting natural disasters and Americans pursuing their dreams with the Department of the Interior…and now serving locally since 2020. Serving others is what I do, and I do it exceptionally well.


OUR DISTRICT. OUR FUTURE. I am your champion to the Council and will continuously seek collaboration for a shared vision to create a win-win solution. Here’s the thing. Every endeavor that the council makes impacts our district. Therefore, it is extremely important that District 3 has a collective enthusiastic voice in the way we are governed. My skillsets have allowed me to helped hundreds of small businesses, as well as community service organizations grow and meet positive economic and social needs. I know how to empathize with people, and simultaneously build and sustain partnerships and I am here to do just that!  


OUR DISTRICT. OUR FUTURE. Now is a promising but critical time for Groveland because of the City’s rapid growth. I want to continue to leverage my public service to District 3 by collaboratively developing new and innovative solutions and foster a conducive and dynamic environment that will energize and inspire our citizens to live their best lives.

OUR DISTRICT. OUR FUTURE. As your District 3 City Councilwoman, I will continue to help better your family’s quality of life, push for a thriving economy by attracting small and large businesses, as well as work with our Public Safety Department to further enhance the protection and safety of our families. I am extremely optimistic about Groveland’s future, and I look forward to working to build a lasting heritage for our district and this great city.


OUR DISTRICT. OUR FUTURE. Thank you for your support, and on November 8th, please look forward to making gains for Groveland with Barbara Gaines!


If you would like to mail your donation, please send an email to for more information:

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