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I am running as a Candidate for Groveland’s City Council, District 3.  As a 35+ year federal public servant, I had a successful career across multiple aspects of the business spectrum.  I have come to the realization that I can make a profound impact in a different, yet distinctive way.  That is why I am coming out of retirement to run as the next Council Woman for the City of Groveland, District 3.  I want to work for a better Groveland as we make #GainesForGroveland!

Current and future small businesses are crucial to the Groveland’s economic health, and they need substantial support not just to survive, but to succeed long term. They need to create a partnership with the local government, community developers, and citizens to succeed.

My vision to support small businesses in good times and during disasters is to:

  • Create a Small Business Task Force to work with the City Council, including diverse small businesses, small private nonprofits and local community leaders

  • Align with the City for possible strategies including:

    • Possible local funding and grants

    • Rental assistance

    • Deferred Business and Operations Tax payments

    • Deferred utility payments

    • Waive costs for a limited time for trash pickup

    • Create a comprehensive business and job seeker website


Quality of life is subjective, and it means something different to each one of us based on our personal preferences and lifestyle.  In short, it is how we perceive ourselves in life.  It measures the positive and negative aspects of our happiness.  Some of the major factors that impact the quality of life include:

  • Material living conditions

    • Zoning for smart growth

    • Increase affordable housing

  • Mental and physical health

  • Finances

    • Greater use of impact fees​

  • Economic climate

  • Recreational choices


My perception to enhance the Quality of Life for Groveland citizens is to support the effort of smart growth to avoid congestion, increase affordable housing, and develop recreational sites for singles, families and senior citizens while encouraging socialization.

Public Safety for the citizens of Groveland means the well-being and protection of our community. The stakeholders of public safety include our community, the police, firefighters, emergency medical services, just to name a few.  One of the most critical responsibilities of Public Safety Officers is to shield and protect the public from jeopardy that impacts the community’s safety, such as wrongdoing and catastrophes. No matter where you live, or who you are, every Groveland resident should feel safe in our community. It is essential to effectively use public safety to ensure our citizens live a normal and safe life.  In a growing city, we also need to ensure that we have a robust, professional, effective and accountable public safety department that better reflects the communities it serves.

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